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Tea Brunches

Everyone likes to wake up a bit late and have a long leisurely breakfast that ends up turning into lunch! Choose from our All Azores brunches featuring products from all nine of the Azorean Islands or treat yourself to our Geothermal brunch with products cooked in the hot springs or underground using the heat of the earth in Furnas Volcano. Our brunches are served at 10.30AM or 2.30PM for 2-8 people.

Our menus are not fixed and are based on the best local seasonal produce that we can find and we are more than happy to work on the menu with our clients and can create menus for people with a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Prices are per person, min. 2 people.


All Azores Tea Brunch

A gastronomic trip around the islands of the Azores including entrees, mains and desert. Pair your brunch with teas or coffees or ask about our wide selection of Azorean wines.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: € 35

Geothermal Tea Brunch

The ultimate in sustainable cookery with most of the energy used coming from the heat of the earth. From Furnas cheeses with geothermally cooked chutneys to eggs cooked at two different temperatures and geothermally cooked cakes and breads, this an experience that goes way beyond the well-known Cozido das Furnas. 

A truly unique experience for food lovers only possible in Furnas.

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: € 35

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