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Other Tastings

We love taste and experience. Please see below for our other tastings and experiences


Honey tastings

Our honey tastings take you on a voyage through the archipelago tasting bothexquisite monofloral honeys that come from our rich heritage of introduced plants and the wide variety of distinct tastes offered by the multifloral honeys from different islands that represent the flora of the islands. This translates into different tastes and typify our small-scale producers, some of which produce just a few kg of honey per year that we are incredibly lucky to be able to offer. All served with a light snack.

Supermarket honey will never taste the same again!

Duration: 2-3 hours

Cost: € 35

Water tastings

Water comes out of the tap right? Well it does but that is only part of the story. We are blessed in Furnas with a plethora of drinkable waters that are all different in terms of carbonation, mineralisation and temperature. Enjoy a tour of our natural water sources learning about the chemistry and current and historical use of the mineral and thermal waters on the tour, finishing with teas made from some of the waters that will change your idea of tea and water! Open your mind to a different world of water!

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: € 30

(note: water tasting start at 9.30AM October - March and at 8.30AM, April - October)


Geo Time Capsule

Come on a journey through the Caldeiras with us to learn about the history of the use of geothermal resources in Furnas. Taste the waters and cook your own food in the hot springs to be enjoyed with a thermal tea.

Contact us for more details and to arrange your experience. Ideal if you have kids who want to get involved with everything

Duration: 3-4 hours

Cost: € 40 per person (min of 4 people)

(note: Geo Time Capsules start at 9.30AM October - March and at 8.30AM, April - October)

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