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Tea Tastings

We offer a variety tasting experiences of green, black and white teas to thermal teas and tisanas including our famous purple tea or just a flight through Azorean teas.

Learn about the teas and we are happy to go into detail on the chemistry of the waters and the biochemistry and biology of the teas as well should you wish! With years of experience of Azorean produce and tastings, Paula will guide you through a unique experience.

Prices are per person, min. 2 people.


Tea Tastings

You will be guided through the process of growing, harvesting and preparing the teas as well as how they can be brewed in different ways. Learn about the influence of the soil and the climate on the taste of the teas. 

Perfect for the tea connoisseur!

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours


Azorean white tea experience: € 45

All Azores tea flight experience: €45

Rare Azorean Teas: €45

Azorean green or black tea masterclass: € 35

Create your own tea tasting: € 35

Agua Santa.jpg
Agua Santa.jpg

Thermal Tea Tasting

Thermal teas and tisanas experience

A selection of green teas and infusions made with different thermal waters from Furnas. 

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Cost: € 45

Thermal green tea experience

As they say in Japan, "it is the water that makes the tea". Learn about the different natural mineral waters that can be used to brew the teas and how the mineral content affects the taste and the colour and much more. Three different Furnas waters are used to make green tea.

A unique tea experience only possible in Furnas! Certainly for the tea lover as you cannot get these anywhere else!!

Duration: c. 1 hour

Cost: € 15

Agua Santa.jpg

Azorean Tisanas and Infusions

We love to use herbs, fruits and other plants to make infusions. Take yourself on a voyage of discovery of some of the tisanas that we make from local produce most of which we pick and dry ourselves using local plants. Discover both traditional and unique infusions.

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Cost: € 35

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